Philip Drew is currently based in Queens, New York where he was born. His creative and diverse thinking behind the lens can be attributed to his younger years of traveling. Although Philip was born in Queens, he spent eight years attending school in Barbados. Mr. Drew is very artistic, and enjoys bringing life to everything that enters his path.

He is known by many of his peers as an individual who is always eager to learn, hardworking and detail oriented. He is currently an Audio Visual Tech at a well-known hospital in Long Island. When he is not working he dedicates most of his time to helping others.  His dedication and commitment didn’t go unnoticed and he was offered the position as the Executive Director of Queen Size Magazine and M.I.M.S. Magazine; which he humbly accepted. This new position gave him the opportunity of covering various stories and fashion shows, which lead to a new chapter of his life as a photographer. The magazine needed a day to day photographer, who would be readily available to cover most of the in-house stories and fashion shows, and once again, Mr. Drew stepped-up to the challenge.

Mr. Drew has covered shows such as Brooklyn Night Out, Kurvacious 2015 Model Completion, Plus Night Out, Pink the Runway 2015, The Pink Carpet Fashion Show, The Color of Teal, and a host of other shows. He has also worked with designers such as Purple Ka Toy Creations, 710 Fashions, Jordan Valois, Chubiiline and many more.

His artistic and creative mind coupled with his professional business ethics makes him an extraordinary photographer!

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